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GW2 : Vitus Arcadia by Danosaur192 GW2 : Vitus Arcadia by Danosaur192
Name:  Vitus Arcadia
Alias:  Stray cat
Age:  17
Race:  Human (M)
Profession:  Thief (Daredevil)

  Vitus is a strange but light-hearted man who is quite a mysterious character.He tends to hide his face, which makes many people think of him as a suspicious man. He prefers to be outside at night, calling himself the nocturnal type. He is a very skilled fighter who specializes in covert operations. His agility is his strong suit which allows him to move quickly without being noticed.

    He grew up without ever having a home, and spent his time living in the streets. He was extremely thin, and lived outside even during cold weather. He only has memories of the alleyways shrouded in mist and stench. The areas where He slept were not places of rest, but rather nests covered in waste and feces where filthy rats ran about. He was in constant danger of being attacked at night while he slept, and upon waking up on the morning, someone may have easily died during the night. He constantly dealt with pitch black smog so bad that He often couldn't breath properly or even open his eyes.

    He eventually reached the point where his mind could no longer deal with the conditions. Upon randomly finding prostitutes, He would slit their throats and sell their belongings. 
He then went and take on jobs that involved groups as they consisted of heavy and dangerous jobs which may have something to do with illegal work or crimes.

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June 29, 2016
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